Call for presentations

We like to hear what you are doing with Moodle.

In India it is first time, so we are seeking presenters from different backgrounds to lead discussions and share case studies, how-to, research and developments. Share your experience with the Moodle Community.

The theme for MoodleMoot IN 2016 is Advancing Together.

What's in it for you?

  • Exposure for you and your institution, at the conference, on the site, in the program, on social media
  • Connect with like-minded Moodlers in sector- or role-focussed sessions
  • Help improve education, technology and Moodle

Types of presentations

There are a variety of presentation types. Suggest the type you think would be most appropriate to get your message across.

  • Interactive workshop
  • Innovative development
  • Demonstration / How-to
  • Research presentation
  • Case study
  • Panel discussion

Please note that, while presenters may be from commercial organisations, presentations should be non-commercial in nature. Organisations seeking to promote their commercial interests should do so by sponsoring the event.

What's expected

Proposals are due Tuesday 15 Dec.

Up front we need:

    • the type of presentation,
    • a title,
    • an outline,
    • some details about yourself and

Of course to present you will need to be present. By submitting a presentation proposal you are committing to register and attend the MoodleMoot. There is no discount for presenters at the MoodleMoot.


If your presentation is accepted, we'll send you more details about the expected format and what will happen on the day of your presentation.

Got a question? Email to - [email protected]

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