First MoodleMoot India - 2016

A big "Thank You" to everyone who participated , making the India MoodleMoot a huge success

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New Delhi - February 06, 2016

First MoodleMoot India

First MoodleMoot India will be a single day event which brings all talented and diverse Indian Moodlers together from all over the country and abroad, and are involved with the Moodle project to collaborate and learn Moodle.

The theme of the first ever Indian MoodleMoot will be "Advancing Together" because "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Keynote Speakers

Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas

Founder & CEO, Moodle

Martin Dougiamas is best known as the founder of Moodle, and leading the team of software developers at  the heart of the Moodle project. Martin has a mixed academic background in Computer Science and Education, and his major goal for the future is to improve the quality of education by encouraging social constructionist and collaborative practices within online learning communities.

Twitter - @moodler

Michelle Chawla

Michelle ChawlaOpen Source Practitioner & Educator

Michelle Chawla is an open source practitioner and educator running the Tamarind Tree School in Dahanu, Maharashtra, India. Tamarind Tree in an alternative school working with first generation tribal learners at the Primary level.
The school is driven by open source technologies and Tamarind Tree is pioneering the Moodle based learning management system in India for Primary level learning. Tamarind Tree hosts its own Moodle server at My Big Campus  and school is conducted in a blended learning style with students logging into their moodle curriculum along with a facilitator. Digital curriculum is designed in a participatory and contextual manner, making learning relevant and joyful for young children.

Hosted for the first time in India, MoodleMoot India celebrate new beginnings in the Indian Education System. The event will play a big role in bringing all Individuals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Professionals who are supporting the Open Source Software's and using them to create a better educated India.

Connect with the Community -

Enjoy the first Indian MoodleMoot with the whole Moodle community, Teachers, Professionals, Institutions. The event will help built a trusted network by sharing your experiences and achievements with the community members.

Experience Sharing -

According to Pedagogy of Moodle - "We learn particularly well from the act of creating or expressing something for others to see."

So, this event gives you an opportunity to express your experience with other fellow Moodlers from the country to help them advance together.


Share suggestions to layout a future pathway.

Using Moodle in India - Challenges and Advantages -

What are the challenges you faced while implementing Moodle in your institution? How you feel that Moodle can be utilized to improve the Indian Education System? Share your views.




Invited Speakers

Dr. Chinmay Shah

Dr. Chinmay Shah,

Associate Professor,Government Medical College

Dr. Indira Koneru

Dr. Indira Koneru,

E-Learning Manager & Trainer, IBS

Dr. GRK Murthy

Dr. GRK Ramakrishna,

Senior Scientist, NAARM

Dr. Indranil Mallick

Dr. Indranil Mallick,

Consultant, Tata Medical Center

Dr. N S Rajput

Dr. N S Rajput,

Asst. Professor IIT-BHU

Jayakrishnan Madathil

Jayakrishnan Madathil,

Research Scholar at IIT, Bombay

Mihir Thakkar

Mihir Thakkar,

GSoC 2015 Student

Ravi Murugesan

Ravi Murugesan,

AuthorAID trainer, INASP

T S Pradeep Kumar

T S Pradeep Kumar,

Assistant Professor (SG) VIT University